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Psychlink is a an email platform where school psychologists can seek and share information and resources with each other.  Administered by SPAWA, it provides valuable access to a large community of school psychologists.

Update:  Psychlink is temporarily inactive due to restructure of our Website.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are working towards a swift solution to help you to be connected, informed and inspired!

Tips for users:  If you wish to communicate privately to the sender, please press “Forward” and use the sender’s email address only. In doing this you avoid all PsychLink members seeing the email and its content.

  • At all times adhere to the professional APS Code of Ethics and general principles of Respect, Propriety and Integrity.
  • Prior to sending an email, first consider whether PsychLink is the most appropriate forum for your request.
  • When requesting advice for specific cases, be mindful of confidentiality.
  • Adhering to these protocols ensures that you will enjoy ongoing access to PsychLink.

Disclaimer:  ** The topics covered and views expressed by individuals on PsychLink do not necessarily represent the views of SPA WA**

Complaints Management:  The SPAWA Committee has established a PsychLink Complaints Management Committee. Please communicate any concerns regarding the use of PsychLink to the Complaints Management Committee at schoolpsychologistwa@gmail.com